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Expectations You Should Have For Residential Cleaning Services And Empty Apartment Complexes

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If you purchase a property on which several empty apartment complexes currently exist, the first thing you need to do is clean out the buildings and make them livable. This amount of work is overwhelming, but you can lessen the burden by hiring residential cleaning services. Here are some reasonable expectations you should have from and with the residential cleaners and your empty apartment complexes.

The Cleaners Clean but Do Not Haul out Large Debris

Before you schedule the cleaners to come help clean, make sure all loose debris is out of the of buildings. The cleaners are there to clean, not remove large chunks of debris or pick up smashed chunks of glass from broken windows. Once you get all of the big pieces and chunks of debris out and place the rest in garbage bags, the cleaners will handle the rest.

Vacant Apartment Complexes Are Cleaned Like Move-out Services

You can expect your building and apartment cleanings to be handled like move-out services. Everything is vacuumed, scrubbed, washed and sanitized, while every apartment in the vacant buildings is prepped for someone to move in. If you want additional cleaning services that are offered by the cleaning company, be sure to order those in advance when you schedule your appointment and cleaning days.

Trash and Trash Bags Are Deposited in the Predesignated Dumpsters

The cleaners will handle all of the trash and trash bags too. If you leave behind several full bags of trash, the cleaners can take that out and place it in the predesignated dumpsters for you. Therefore, if you clear out all of the larger debris and find that you just do not have the time or energy to haul the several bags of smaller debris to the dumpsters, the cleaners can do that for you. They are already taking out their own bags of garbage from cleaning up so it is not a big thing for them to take out yours as well.

Expect to Book Several Days of Appointments

Cleaning out abandoned apartment complexes will take at least a day or two per complex, depending on the sizes of the buildings. If you want the job done in a week or two, you will have to pay the cleaning company for eight hours' work, five days straight, for at least a week to two weeks. You can return and check on the crew's progress after a few days and make sure the completed work is satisfactory.

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