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The Best Way To Prepare Your House For A Power Washing

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It's a good idea to leave the pressure washing of your home to a professional. An expert knows exactly how to clean the outside of your home without damaging it. Although you're leaving this task to the house power washing company, you'll still need to do your part to prepare the home ahead of time. Below is a list of the steps you need to take to get your house ready for the perfect power wash.

Seal the House Up

You don't want any water to get in the house, so your first step is to make sure the house is sealed up. Close and lock all windows and shut every door. Don't forget to check any attic windows, as well as any basement doors that provide an outside entry point. 

Clean Up Around the House

If you have potted plants on your porch, or a rocking chair with side table, you'll need to move them indoors while the house power washing is taking place. The same is true if you have a patio. You can take the patio furniture indoors, or set it at the back of your property until the pressure washing has been completed. Next, take a look around the yard and move any gardening tools, children's toys, and pet items. You want them to be a safe distance away so they don't get wet from the spray. Don't forget to also relocate any cars or bikes parked in the driveway. 

Disable Your Security Alarms

Since the pressure washing uses water at a high speed, it can actually set off your security alarm. When you see the company you hired to give your house the perfect power wash, head over to the security system panel and disable it. As soon as the job has been completed, you can safely turn the alarm back on. If you won't be home when the pressure washing is set to take place, ask the company to call you when they arrive so you can disable the alarm remotely. 

Protect Surrounding Shrubs

Homeowners who have used shrubs and bushes to landscape the area in front of their home will need to protect them from the power washing spray. This can be done by covering any outdoor plants that cannot be relocated. You'll also want to do this for any statues or bird baths that you may have in front of the home that are too heavy to move. Click here to learn more about house pressure washing.