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3 Features To Look For In A Commercial Vacuum

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Many professional cleaning companies are responsible for  keeping the carpeted surfaces within commercial spaces free from dirt and debris. In order to thoroughly clean commercial carpets, access to the right vacuum cleaner is essential. Investing in commercial vacuums can be a great way to make your cleaning service more versatile.

Here are three features that you should be looking for to ensure the commercial vacuum cleaner you purchase will be equipped to meet your cleaning needs over time.

1. Look for a commercial vacuum that is lightweight.

Although a commercial vacuum cleaner is more durable than the units produced for household use, this shouldn't mean that the commercial vacuum you purchase is heavy. You will likely be operating a commercial vacuum for a significant number of hours each week, so you want to avoid discomfort by making sure the vacuum is easy to push over carpeted surfaces.

It can also be beneficial to have lightweight equipment if your cleaning company is mobile, as a lightweight vacuum cleaner can easily be transferred to and from your vehicle at each location you clean.

2. Look for a commercial vacuum with a lot of suction power.

Commercial carpets can get significantly dirtier than the carpets in your home. This is because more people tend to walk across commercial areas covered with carpet, and these patrons aren't always thinking about keeping their feet clean before walking across a section of carpet.

As a result of the increased traffic seen by commercial buildings, the vacuum cleaner you invest in to clean these commercial carpets must be powerful. Be sure that you visit a showroom where you can test out each unit to determine which will provide you with access to the most suction power in order to make your cleaning activities easier in the future.

3. Look for a commercial vacuum with a warranty.

Because a vacuum cleaner plays a vital role in the success of any cleaning business, you want to be sure that you always have access to a reliable vacuum in your arsenal of cleaning equipment.

A commercial vacuum cleaner represents a significant investment, so you should ensure that your investment is protected with a comprehensive warranty plan. The warranty will allow you to replace damaged or malfunctioning parts quickly and affordably in order to guarantee the performance of your vacuum cleaner over time.

Being able to invest in a commercial vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, powerful, and protected by a warranty ensures that you will have the equipment needed to keep the carpets in the commercial buildings you are responsible for maintaining cleaner in the future.