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Tips For Getting Stains Out Of A Neglected Carpet

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If you rent or share your home with someone else there might be a secret looming below your feet. Roommates who have their own bedrooms don't normally go in the other party's private space unless they have permission or happen to be good friends, so you may not know that your roommate has spilled several glasses of wine on your new carpets. Parents might even have a problem when dealing with children from toddler age, and up. If you have broody teenage children who stay shut in their bedrooms most of the time, you find an assortment of old crusty stains when you decide that it's time to move the furniture around. When DIY carpet cleaning solutions don't make a visible difference in the stains that you have on your rug, professional carpeting cleaning services are usually the way to go:

Old Stains Are So Difficult To Remove

Consider the last time you spilled a dark colored liquid on a light colored piece of clothing. If you shrugged things, didn't run the piece of clothing under cold water or use some type of stain treatment on it immediately it was probably hard if not impossible to completely eliminate the stain. With carpeting, the general idea is almost identical. As long as you take action quickly by contacting nearby carpet cleaning services or at least use water to help dilute the stain, the color won't reach your carpet pad.

Old stains are much harder to make go away but don't assume that all hope has been lost. Carpet cleaning services and businesses that are authorized to purchase and use powerful chemicals can safely treat deep set-in stains. Stain removal may require steam, industrial grade carpet cleaners and plenty of effort but it can be worth it, particularly if your carpeting is rather new.

Fluff Up Matted Carpeting

Carpeting that is neglected often becomes matted and feels flat when you walk over it. Dirt can actually make carpet fibers become sticky, causing them to become semi-permanently 'glued' together. If carpets aren't vacuumed and cleaned regularly, sticky carpet fibers can become compacted as people walk over them. After awhile, these neglected carpets become dingy looking, and the tools that you have at home for cleaning carpeting don't help very much to restore them. Hiring carpet cleaning services to first deep clean your carpeting will help to remove the dirt make your rugs look matted. After that, a steam cleaning with the right attachment will lift up the carpet fibers and make your rugs fluffy again.

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