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Got Baking Soda? 4 Ways It Can Help You Clean Your Kitchen

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Cleaning your house doesn't have to require a ton of expensive products. One trick that great maid services know is that utilizing a container of baking soda can give you the tools you need to effectively clean up your house. Here are four great ways that baking soda can be used to help keep your house clean.

#1 Tile Floor

To clean your tile or vinyl floor, all you need to do is mix together equal parts baking soda, dish soap and water. Use this solution on your floor, and all of these stains on the grout and those dark spots where your kitchen gets heavy traffic will be gone in no time! Apply this cleaning solution to your floor, go over it with a mop, and then clean everything up with a once over with a clean mop and your floor should be sparkling again in no time.

#2 Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal was a great invention and helps prevent clogged kitchen sinks around the country from developing. However, the garbage disposal can also get a nasty smell to it! Get rid of the nasty smell in your garbage disposal by pouring about half a cup or so of baking soda down your sink and letting it sit for fifteen minutes or so. Then, turn on the garbage disposal and rinse away the baking soda with some super-hot water. Finally, to ensure that your garbage disposal smells really great, put a couple pieces of lemon through it to brighten up the smell.

#3 Countertops

You can easily clean your countertops with baking soda. Just mix together a little baking soda and water to create a nice little paste. Spread this paste over your countertops, and then scrub them clean with a scrub brush! Clean things up with a little water and a wipe down with a clean rag.

#4 Stove Top

If you have grease and food stuck to your stove top, and you just can't get it off, take a container of baking soda and sprinkle it on top of your stove. Then, take some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your stove top and the baking soda. This will create a nice little fizzy reaction that will help work lose all of the dirt and grime on your stove top. Let it sit for a while, then go over your stove top with the appropriate scrub brush for your stove top surface and remove all the loosened up grime. You may want to go over the stove top with a clean, damp rag when you are done to ensure that all the baking soda and cleaning products are removed.