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Keeping Your Office Building Clean In The Winter Months

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Winter weather can bring with it a range of cleaning challenges for businesses. A business cleaning company can help you keep your building clean and ready for winter, so use this guide to determine which winter cleaning services are right for your office:


Prepare for cold and flu season by ensuring that all work surfaces are sanitized at the end of each day. Your office cleaning company can wipe down all keyboards, phone receivers, and other commonly used items with sanitizing wipes, empty trash bins filled with soiled tissues, and use disinfecting spray throughout the office. Be sure to have the cleaning crew pay extra attention to common spaces, such as waiting rooms and lobbies while sanitizing the office.

Floor Cleaning

With snow and slush comes messy floors. Your floors may become dirty from salt used to melt ice, and puddles from melted snow can cause a slippery hazard on your floors. Have the cleaning company arrange for someone to be present to clean the floors during high-traffic times, such as when your office opens in the morning and when it's getting ready to close, to ensure the floors are clean. You may also want to have a crew come in to clean the floors at lunchtime as well. Have the hard flooring surfaces buffed and polished overnight to have them ready for business the next day.

Break Room Maintenance

Cold weather sometimes means fewer people leaving the office for lunch breaks. This also means that your employee break room might get messier more quickly. Have your cleaning company arrange for after-lunch cleanup, which can be performed after cleaning the floors in your lobby. The crew should empty trash cans, clean out the microwave, and wipe down tables. You can even have them clean out the refrigerator each Friday to ensure old food doesn't sit in the appliance over the weekend. During the summer months when more employees eat out, you can cut back the number of days you have the break room cleaned. Be sure to let your employees know it is still important to clean up after themselves when in the break room, but offer this cleaning service as a way to ensure everyone can enjoy the use of the facilities each day.

Talk to your office staff about the cleaning challenges you face in the winter, and then work with your cleaning company to put a cold-weather cleaning plan in place.