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Office Plants – Keeping Them Clean And Inviting

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Having live plants in the office can improve the working environment, but they also bring on another cleaning responsibility. If you don't clean the plants from time to time, they will just look awful. Instead of an inviting and friendly atmosphere, it will appear as if you don't care much about the appearance of the office. Below, you will learn a little about how to keep the office plants looking their best.

Regular Dusting

If the plants are cleaned regularly, the deep cleaning will not need to be done as often. Use a feather duster or Swiffer duster to gently dust the leaves. Consider taking the plants outside when you dust them to avoid sending the dust into the air and possibly causing asthmatic or allergy symptoms in those who work in the space. Taking them outside will also allow the wind to carry away the dust instead of it resettling on the plants and things in the office.

Mother Nature's Assistance

When there's a nice big storm coming, set the plants outside and let Mother Nature give them a shower. Once the rain has passed, allow them to sit out in the sun to dry up a bit. Wipe the bottoms of each planter and bring them back in.

Hand Cleaning

If the plants are neglected for some time, they will likely require a good hand cleaning. No, you can't just grab a towel and start wiping all of the plant leaves. You have to use the proper technique for the type of plant leaves you're working with.

Hairy Leaves – leaves that are hairy will require a brush cleaning. Use a makeup brush or clean paint brush to clean each leaf. Once the dust is removed, you can use a wet sponge to gently wipe the remaining dirt off of each one. Be sure to support the leaves from the underside as you wipe them to prevent them from snapping off of the plant.

Hairless Leaves – Smooth, hairless leaves can be wiped with a soft cloth and water. Fill a spray bottle with fresh water and spritz each leaf. Wipe each one clean and follow up with a dry cloth to shine them up a bit.

Note: If you keep up with the regular dusting, you will not have to do the hand cleaning often.

If you don't have the time to keep up with your office plants, talk with your janitorial cleaning team to discuss the option of having the plant upkeep done for you. For more information, contact companies like Metro Maintainers Building Services.