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2 Ways To Get The Pet Urine Smell Out Of Your Furniture

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You may love your pet an awful lot, but you don't like when they have accidents inside your house and pee somewhere, especially since that means they will keep going back to that place to pee. If you have tile or some other kind of hard floor, then you can easily clean up the urine. But what are you supposed to do when they pee on your bed, your couch, or your favorite reclining chair? It's not really that easy to just wipe up the cat pee and get rid of the smell from a surface that will absorb it, especially if you don't get there when the urine is fresh. 

Enzyme Cleaner

One thing you can try is to use an enzyme upholstery cleaner. These cleaners have a set of enzymes that are designed to break down the chemicals in the urine that make up the smell. Breaking up the smell will help get rid of the smell now and keep it from coming back, which means your cat or dog won't keep going back to that spot. If the spot is new, then you should first do everything you can to blot up the puddle. You can layer paper towels and newspaper together and use that to soak up everything. Once you've done that, then you should spray down the area liberally and saturate it with the cleaner. Some cleaners you can leave, others say that you should clean them up after a certain amount of time. 


Another suggestion is to use white vinegar, with or without baking soda. First, again, you are going to need to make sure that you have blotted up all the urine if it's fresh. If you are going to use baking soda, this would be a good time to sprinkle that over the spot. That would start to absorb the smell. Once you have let that sit for a few minutes, then you can spray down the area with a solution of water and vinegar. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the area with that mixture. The thought behind using the vinegar is that it's an acid and the chemicals in the vinegar will break down the chemicals in the urine which cause the stink. 

If you have pets, you know that sometimes they have accidents. That means that you need to know how to get the smell of their accidents out of your furniture.