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Smoker In The House? 3 Tips For Removing Cigarette/Cigar Odors From Furniture

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If you live with a smoker, you may not realize the odor that stems from cigarettes or cigars, since you are accustomed to it. However, the odor is most likely noticeable by visitors who are not used to smoky odor. While your family member may not blow smoke directly into your furnishings, the odors will build up and permeate your furniture upholstery. These odors affect how your home smells, but also the quality of your furnishings. Thankfully, the odors can be removed. Here are a few solutions to rid your furniture of cigarette/cigar odors.

Fabric Refresher

There are many air freshener sprays you could spray onto your furniture to make the upholstery smell better, but this improvement will only be temporary. These fragrance sprays just mask the odor, not addressing the underlying odor that has permeated the fabric and cushions.

Creating a fabric refresher using natural solutions will address the odor in a more detailed manner. In a spray bottle, add the following:

  • 2 cups of distilled water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar

Shake to mix and then douse the solution onto any furnishings, such as couches, chairs, rugs, and even window treatments to deodorize the fabrics and upholstery. Another benefit of using this fabric refresher is that the vinegar's acidic properties will kill any bacteria lingering in your furniture.

Baking Soda

You may be surprised to learn that baking soda can also remove odors from your upholstered furniture. This common household ingredient absorbs liquids, but it can also absorb deep odors, deodorizing fabrics and upholstery with ease.

To use, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda across your furniture upholstery and other items yo want to deorodorize. Use a soft-bristled brush to lightly rub the baking soda into the upholstery. Make sure to sprinkle the baking soda under couch and chair cushions and on throw pillows, too.

Allow the baking soda to sit and soak for a few minutes. Then, use your vacuum's handheld attachment to vacuum up baking soda from the furniture.

Professional Cleaning

Using fabric refreshers and a baking soda solution are great options periodically, but if you have more severe odors in your furniture, the smells may be noticeable to other household members and guests. To remove more severe odors, having your upholstery and fabrics cleaned by professionals is best.

Professionals, such as from Steam-All Restoration, have the tools and experience necessary to rid your furniture of deep odors that DIY products and solutions cannot, which ensures you are making a great investment.