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Places Where Mold Is Hardest To Remove (And Likeliest To Linger) After Water Damage

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Water damage is one of the worst issues to deal with as a homeowner. Given enough time, water can turn your house into an unhealthy and structurally unsafe place. However, water damage can also bring about the issue of mold. As simple as it may seem, mold can cause a lot of damage in your home and even make people sick. Mold doesn't favor open spaces, and this means it is sometimes difficult to detect. Therefore, you should know which places you're going to struggle to detect and get rid of the mold.

Under Your Floors

Your floors may be made using a material that's mostly impervious to water, however, given enough time, it can still find a way through. Whether it's from a leak in the roof or the bathroom, water will end up on our floor. Given enough time, it may end up under the floor. If mold starts to grow under your floor, you will have a difficult time getting rid of it. Even assessing the extent of the problem can be difficult without taking your floor apart.

Behind the Walls

The space behind your wall has the same problem as space under your floors; it is concealed. It can take you a while to realize there's mold growing behind your walls. Sometimes the only indication will be the telltale smell. However, even after detecting mold behind your walls, cleaning the mold out properly from this part of the house is a very difficult task. You can end up with mold growth behind your walls in case of a roof leak or a leaking overhead tank.

The Basement

Depending on how often you go down to your basement, it may take a while to uncover mold growth. However, removing mold from a basement can also be quite challenging. This part of the house is usually poorly lit and ventilated. The lack of sunlight and moving air makes drying of this part of the house a challenge. Removing mold from this part of the house can be challenging, too.

Seek Professional Help

Once you've discovered mold in certain areas of the house, your best bet is to seek professional home mold removal services. Unless you have the tools, skills and patience to do a thorough job of removing the mold, you're likely to be facing a recurrence of the problem a short while later. Professionals will know what to do to remove the mold permanently.