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Having The Grout In Your Tile Floor Cleaned Keeps The Grout Free From Stains, Mildew, And Dirt

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One reason tile floors are so popular is that ceramic and porcelain are so easy to clean. You can mop the floors with soapy water and use cleaners on them to keep the tiles shiny and free from dirt and stains. However, a problem you may encounter is dirty grout lines. Grout is an entirely different material than the tiles, and it's porous so it is stained easily. Eventually, the grout lines become stained, dirty, and in need of professional cleaning. Here's how to restore the appearance of the grout lines in your tile floor.

The DIY Approach Requires Meticulous Scrubbing

Cleaning grout lines by hand is time-consuming and the results you get might not even be good enough to make it worth the time and labor. One reason grout gets so dirty is because it is in the seams between the tiles. The seam grooves trap dirty mop water and grime and cause the grout to discolor over time. To get the grout clean again, you have to scrub the seams between the tiles. Simply mopping the floor doesn't clean the grout.

You may also need to use strong cleaners to get the grout clean, but using the wrong cleaning product can damage the grout. An easier solution is to hire a cleaning company to bring their equipment to your home and clean the grout.

Floor Cleaning Machines Deep Clean Grout

The cleaning service can use machinery to clean the grout which will save you from spending an afternoon on your hands and knees scrubbing away on the floor. These machines are similar to carpet cleaning equipment. Water is forced into the grout and then pulled back out quickly to deep clean the lines. The machine may also have brushes that gently scrub the lines as the wand passes over the floor. A professional cleaning company uses commercial grout cleaning products that remove embedded dirt and stains without harming the grout or tile. Cleaning not only removes dirt, it eliminates mold and mildew growing in the seams.

If your floor has white or light-colored grout, the grout lines should look much lighter and brighter after the floor has been cleaned. You may want to schedule grout cleaning for once or twice each year just like you schedule carpet cleaning for your home. While you can keep your floors as clean as possible by sweeping, mopping, and removing stains, the grout will still collect dirt slowly over time and need to be cleaned to keep your floors looking their best.