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How To Prepare Your Home For Housekeeping Services

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Hiring a maid to clean your house can be a great blessing since you won't be stressed about a messy house, and you will have more time to accomplish other goals. Instead of spending time cleaning, you'll have more time available for family and friends. Once you hire a housekeeping service, you may think that you can leave all the heavy lifting to them. However, there are things you will need to do as a customer to prepare your home for these services.

Schedule Service Times When the Family Is Out

While some housekeepers can work around a few family members, it's easier on everyone if the service comes while you are at work or while kids are at school. You don't want the housekeeper to feel uncomfortable or like he or she is intruding, which can be the case if you are your family members keep getting in the way of cleaning tasks. Allow your housekeeper some privacy so that he or she can focus on the work without interruption.

If you have any pets, it's a good idea to put them in their crates behind closed doors or take them to a boarder or day-camp during housekeeping times. Even if your pet is friendly, it's safer to have pets out of the way so that the housekeeper can focus on his or her tasks without distraction.

You Don't Need to Clean, But Be Sure to Organize

It's good etiquette to tidy up your home a bit so that the housekeepers can focus on deeper cleaning. For instance, if you want the service to vacuum your children's bedrooms, make sure that your kids' toys are back in bins or on shelves. Otherwise, the service will have to spend time picking those things up, which can get old if they have lots of other rooms to vacuum or clean.

It's also a good idea to tidy up loose papers or important documents on your desks so that they don't get mistaken for trash and get thrown out.

Identify Clear Goals Beforehand

When you contact the cleaning service, they'll likely develop a cleaning plan with you so that you aren't surprised with costs. If you want to eliminate certain cleaning tasks or add to the plan, it's a good idea to contact the service instead of just assuming they'll know what you want cleaned.

If you want to adjust the plan the day of cleaning, follow the company's policy. For example, they may have you leave out a checklist with tasks you want or don't want each time the housekeeper comes. Some housekeeping services ask you to close doors to rooms you don't want cleaned. The service may adjust their pricing each time depending on what tasks you request.

Make Sure They Have Entry

The service may request a garage door code or a key to your home. It's important to establish a means of entry since you may not always be home to let them in.

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