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Your Damaged Carpet May Be Repairable

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One of the largest surfaces in a home is the floor. So, if you have carpeted floors that are damaged — there is no hiding it. Whether it is a burn mark, an indention from a heavy piece of furniture, a tear, or something else, carpet repair may be a flooring restoration option for you. Learn more about some of the damages that can be repaired.

Surface Damage

Surface damage generally encompasses everyday wear and tear, so it can show up in a variety of different ways. Stains and burn marks are two common forms of this damage. Just as these stains are common, repair professionals can typically repair these issues with ease. 

If the damage is not deep within the fibers, the fibers can be treated to remove the imperfections, such as with intense stain removal. For deep fiber damage, the problem can generally be resolved with a patch repair.

Furniture Marks

The average piece of large furniture easily weighs more than one-hundred pounds. Add to that the weight from anyone sitting on the furniture, and it should come as no surprise that furniture indentation, or packing, can occur. The problem with this issue is that when you want to rearrange the furniture in the room, the indentions stay visible. 

Carpet repair professionals sometimes repair these imperfections by saturating the compressed fibers and then using a specialized suction machine to extract the water and raise the fibers. A carpet professional can also offer advice on different techniques you can use to prevent your new furniture placement from causing the same issue.

Rips and Tears

If you have children or pets, it is common to have a rip or tear in the carpet. Carpet is strong and durable, but it is prone to tearing if not handled with proper care. For this type of damage, the size and location of the damage matters most. For instance, for small rips in the corner of the room, the carpet may be able to be repaired with carpet tape. 

However, for a large tear or one that is in a high-traffic area, tape often does not provide the best long-term solution. Instead, the damaged area of the carpet may need to be removed and replaced with a new section of carpet. 

If you are uncertain whether or not your carpet can be repaired, do not try to make the determination on your own. A carpet repair service professional will be more than happy to come and examine your carpet to help you determine the best path forward.