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Key Training Tips For Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Companies

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If you have a commercial janitorial cleaning company, the staff you hire is pivotal to the success of this cleaning business long-term. They need to be expertly trained so that when they arrive at a client's commercial building, they can provide amazing services in an efficient manner. These training tips can help you prepare new cleaners that your company hires.

Have Them Watch Skilled Cleaners

Your commercial janitorial cleaning company probably has a couple of really skilled cleaners. They may have a lot of cleaning experience under their belt or just took to this profession really well. Either way, you should consider having new cleaners watch these skilled cleaners.

Then, they can see what's expected of them and how they can be better at cleaning commercial buildings for a living. Your skilled cleaners can become mentors to new hires, showing them the ropes and getting them truly prepared for the cleaning duties that will be asked of them.

Assess Skills Periodically

While you're training new cleaners, you want to assess their skills on a pretty consistent basis. Then you can make sure they're picking up the cleaning skills they'll need for the commercial cleaning industry. 

You can easily gauge your new cleaners' skills by having them put on demonstrations of various cleaning duties, whether it's cleaning services with certain products or using commercial janitorial cleaning equipment. You want to see that the new cleaners are taking everything they're learning and using it in meaningful ways.

Create Cleaning Checklists

When your new cleaners first start cleaning commercial buildings, they're probably not going to remember everything they're supposed to do off the top of their head. When this happens, you want them to have access to a complete checklist of the duties they're supposed to complete.

That will depend on what each client specifies, but you can help new cleaners with their required duties by making a checklist for them to consult with whenever they want. Any time they forget what they're supposed to do, they can refer back to this cleaning checklist. That will ensure each client is served perfectly based on their own requests.

Cleaning commercial buildings for a living can be a good business venture, but you need to make sure new janitors are trained the right way. Then you can get the most out of them day in and day out, which will help your janitorial cleaning business grow significantly. 

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