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The Advantages of Using a Manway Water Cannon for Exterior Cleaning

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The outside of your commercial building can get dirty quickly. Elements like rain and high winds can leave behind grime and residue that make your building look dingy and dirty. Instead of leaving your building in this condition, you can lease equipment to spray away the dirt and grime. You can use a high-powered Manway water cannon to clean your building's exterior and improve its appearance.

Wide Rotation

When you rent or buy equipment solely for cleaning the outside of your business, you want to know that it can make your cleaning job as easy as possible. You prefer not to have to lug it around from spot to spot on your property just for it to only cover part of the exterior of the building.

A Manway water cannon can simplify your cleaning job and get most or all of the dirt from one side of the building in a single-use. It can rotate hundreds of degrees, allowing you to spray the grime off large areas of the building's exterior in a single-use. You avoid having to move it every few feet just to get the outside of the building clean.

Tall Heights Reach

The Manway water cannon is capable of reaching hundreds of feet up in the air, ensuring that you can reach the tallest points on the building without having to climb or move equipment to the roof. In fact, you may even be able to reach the roof in a single spray of water from the Manway water cannon.

This height capability lets you get rid of dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places without putting the safety of you or your cleaning crew at risk. You can aim the Manway water cannon toward the top of the building and spray the residue away from the top-down and get a totally clean exterior.

Long Reach

Finally, when you use equipment like a Manway water cannon, you can spray from hundreds of feet away and do not have to get close to the outside of the building. This reach can keep you dry and avoid water spray from the cannon while still being able to clean off the exterior and spray away built-up grime.

A Manway water cannon can offer several advantages during your cleaning job. It has a wide rotation to reach across your building. It also can reach tall heights from feet away with its spray.