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Tips To Keep Your Tile And Grout Clean

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Tile is a beautiful flooring option for any home, but it can be difficult to keep the grout between the tile clean and not appear dingy. If you have white grout especially, it can be difficult to keep clean. Taking good care of it and cleaning it often will help prevent stains and marring of your grout. You should also seal your grout yearly to prevent stains from setting in. Read on for some tips to care for your tile and grout to keep it looking like new.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

You should keep your tile and grout clean by cleaning up spills immediately after they occur. If you spill something such as juice, wine, coffee, or anything oily or greasy, it can stain your floor or your grout, so wipe it up immediately after it occurs. Use a sponge and a gentle cleanser to remove the spill and to prevent stains from setting in. If you can see the stain already, even after immediately wiping it up, you should use a grout cleaner. Stains that set in immediately may indicate that you need to seal your grout. Sealed grout will repel stains and prevent them from setting in.

Seal Your Grout

Seal your grout after doing a good cleaning on the grout and tile to prevent stains from setting in. Sealer protects your grout from day-to-day dirt and helps repel stains. It can also help protect it from anything soaking into the grout, as grout is very porous. Use a grout sealer at least once per year to seal your grout and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the grout sealer. Allow it to dry thoroughly to set.

Clean Often

Clean your tile and grout often to prevent day-to-day dirt from getting into your grout and causing stains. Sweep your tile with a stiff-bristle broom to get dirt out from within the grout lines. You can also vacuum your tile and grout as well, but it needs to be done often. At least twice per month, you should use a cleanser and mop or a sponge to clean your tile and your grout lines. A harsh cleanser can break down your grout, so use a gentle cleanser that is safe for grout.

If you have tile or grout, they can get pretty dirty, and it's noticeable in areas that don't have as much traffic. Hire a professional cleaning service to perform tile and grout cleaning services in your home.