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Why Should You Have Shades Professionally Cleaned?

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Installing window shades and curtains on your home can keep your home safe and make the space more private. Some shades are designed to block out the sun so the inhabitants of the home as well furnishings are not damaged or harmed by the sun's rays, while other shades are simply designed with decor in mind.

However you use your home's window shades, know this: they should be professionally cleaned periodically and dusted every time you vacuum or dust other areas of the home — do not attempt to vacuum shades to clean them without professional help.

Cleaning your shades should be done professionally and not handled at home, for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

You risk breaking appliances

Your drapes and shades can become quite heavy when wet and cleaned, which can lead to breakage or damage to your washing machine or dryer if you attempt to clean these furnishings yourself. Your silhouette shades and other types of shades should be cleaned by your professional cleaning services company since they use a commercial washing machine and dryer and other cleaning tools, like steaming devices.

You risk damaging fabrics

You can dust and lightly beat your shades to remove dust and debris from them, but other than that, leave the cleaning to the pros. You can accidentally tear, stain, bleach, or wear out your shades by steaming, vacuuming, and wiping them down yourself, even if you use chemicals and supplies specifically for window treatments. Professional shade cleaners know how to work with a variety of materials and effectively clean shades, whether they are still on the window or they are taken down for detailed cleaning.

Some materials of shades should never be cleaned at home, even for minor dusting. These include satin, velvet, and lace, among others. Even getting these materials damp or lightly dusted can cause damage or pilling; leave these cleaning efforts to the professionals.

Professional shade cleaners may charge per panel, or by the hour. Prices vary depending on what cleaning methods need to be used, how long it will take the shades to be cleaned, where you live, and other factors. Get a quote from your cleaning services company and prepare to be without your shades for a few days until your cleaning company can return them to you if they cannot clean them onsite. You can save time and money by removing and replacing your shades yourself.

For more information about cleaning different types of shades, like Hunter Douglas silhouette shades, contact a professional.