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Rain Gutters And Why They Should Be Kept Clean

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For some people, the rain gutter is that helpful thing around the edge of their roof that prevents the rain from hitting them in the head when they walk out the door. However, what many people don't realize is that rain gutters serve many purposes that are helpful to both their home and their property. Read here to see why your rain gutters are so important and why they need to be kept clean and in good condition. 

Rain Gutters Prevent Rain From Running Down The Siding

Without a rain gutter, much of the rain would end up running down the siding. When it runs down the siding, it carries with it the dirt from the roof. This can cause the siding to become stained as time goes on. This staining can be extremely difficult to remove, and it causes the home to look worse than you would like from the exterior. Rain gutters stop the rain from running down the house like this. A dirty and clogged rain gutter will fill with water, and it will run over the sides, doing the same damage they are supposed to prevent. 

Rain Gutters Stop The Rain From Causing Soil Erosion

When there isn't a rain gutter to catch the rain, it will fall on the ground in the same spots around the house. This will cause erosion in those areas. If you have bushes planted there, then their roots will be exposed, compromising their health and possibly causing them to die. If you have flowers planted, then they will likely be destroyed very quickly. Even worse, erosion can be problematic for your foundation. As the soil erodes near the home, it can cause movement in the soil, and this can lead to the foundation moving as well. When rain gutters aren't properly cleaned, they can still be a threat. 

Rain Gutters Direct The Rainwater

When the rain gutters capture water, they take it to the downspouts, where it will then drain into the appropriate locations. This stops you from ending up with a bunch of puddles around your house. If you had puddles all along the base of your home, then you would have to walk through them or try to jump over them in order to get inside your home. This helps prevent you from ruining shoes, tracking a bunch of mud in on your flooring, and possibly seriously injuring yourself by taking the risk of falling as you try to get over the puddles. Plus, there is that aforementioned benefit of keeping the rain from hitting you in the head as you step out of the house, or as you approach it. If the rain gutters are full of debris, then water will still be problematic. 

If you require gutter cleaning services, contact a local provider.