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How Are Your Carpets Telling You They Need Cleaned?

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Can you speak the language of your carpets and pick up on the signs that you need to have a carpet cleaning service come to your home? The way your carpets look and smell can indicate when it's time to have them cleaned. Here are a few of the ways to tell your carpets could use a deep clean.

They're flat

Ever notice how carpets look flat and dull in high-traffic areas but maintain their pretty and lush appeal in other parts of the house? The more foot traffic your carpets have, the more filled with grime, dirt, and debris they are. The accumulated dirt and debris will wear your carpets down and discolor them, leaving them gross, flat, and uncomfortable to walk on.

Your carpeting cleaning services company will treat the entirety of your carpeted areas, and will give special attention to carpeted hallways, entryways, and other areas where carpets are full and flat. After being treated, the carpets will be more evenly colored and lush again.

They're stinky

Carpets that smell musty, sour, stinky, or like urine or mildew need to be professionally cleaned right away. An entire room can smell like this, or small areas of carpet in rooms that have children or pets in them or are used for cooking. Your carpet cleaning professionals can spot-treat stinky areas of carpeting in between professional full carpet cleaning or can just clean all your carpets for you when one room starts to smell bad.

They're unevenly colored

It's not just your eyes playing tricks on you: when your carpets are in need of being cleaned, they can look unevenly colored. Part of the dullness can be due to high traffic as mentioned above, and the rest can be due to stains and lingering debris that vacuuming or at-home carpet cleaning doesn't quite take care of. 

The costs for having your carpets cleaned will vary and depend on a few things, such as how bad your carpets are, what kind of cleaning they need, and whether you need spot cleaning in addition to regular cleaning. Your carpet cleaning services company should give you a quote before beginning the cleaning process so you know what to budget for.

With regular care and maintenance, your carpets can keep looking great for years to come. Your carpet cleaning specialist will keep you on their regular schedule for annual or semi-annual cleanings, if you wish.