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Is Your Rug Worth Cleaning?

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A quality rug can provide warmth under your feet and improve your home's appearance. Nevertheless, your rug may accumulate dust fast due to heavy pet and human traffic. In this regard, you need to clean your carpet frequently. But is rug cleaning worthwhile? Here are the pros of washing your carpet.

Extends Your Carpet's Lifespan

The rug may look old when grime settles on your carpet's fibers. Besides, sticky stuff such as gum may cause the matting of the fibers. Additionally, carpets installed in areas that receive high foot traffic like hallways deteriorate faster since dirt accumulates in these areas fast. Moreover, sharp objects like razors may cut your carpet. Rug cleaning eliminates dirt and sharp objects that may damage your carpet fibers. This extends your rug's lifespan. However, this is only possible if you get professional carpet cleaners to do the job. The professionals have the right equipment and expertise to clean your carpet without causing damage.

Protects Your Health

Dust, pet fur and dust mites may accumulate on your carpet over time. These items are allergens that may cause you or your pet to experience allergic reactions. Therefore, you may constantly experience nose blockage, eye tearing or skin irritation. The allergens may trigger an asthmatic attack characterized by wheezing or breathing problems if you have asthma. Fortunately, rug cleaning can eliminate these potentially harmful allergens, protecting your health.

Preserves Your Carpet's Look

Pet urine, red wine, and ink spills can easily stain your rug, especially if brightly colored. This makes your carpet look old and unattractive. Therefore, you may need to purchase a new carpet sooner than you think, which may be costly. Cleaning your rug frequently eliminates tough stains and restores its attractiveness. Carpet cleaning services use advanced cleaning products like bleach that remove the stains fast. Thus, carpet replacement may not be necessary, which saves you money.

Eliminates Odors

A foul odor may develop when pet vomit or urine and spills penetrate your carpet fibers. Also, if your rug is damp, molds may grow. The molds are unsightly and make your indoors smell musty or stale. This lowers your indoor air quality, making your indoors uncomfortable. Rug cleaning helps eliminate the odor-producing particles, improving your home's freshness and comfort. Besides, carpet cleaners allow your carpet to dry well before placing it on your floor, preventing mustiness in your home.

Rug cleaning is worthwhile as the process protects your health, extends your carpet's lifespan, eliminates odors and preserves your carpet's look. Consider washing your carpet regularly for these reasons.