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What Types Of Services Can Be Completed During Professional Carpet Restoration?

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As carpets are walked across and used, they can become dirty, worn down, and smelly. The fibers can hold in debris and stains, and they can start to look matted. If you have been thinking about replacing your carpets, you should consider professional carpet restoration instead. Professional carpet restoration services can help to restore your carpets, fixing many problems and imperfections that are present. Here are a few of the various services that can be completed to carpeting to help revive it and bring it back to life. 

Professionally Cleaning a Carpet

One of the very first things that occur during the professional carpet restoration process is cleaning your carpets. Most professionals steam clean carpets. This involves using hot water to extract dirt, dust, dander, hair, stains, and scents. Steaming a carpet not only helps to lift many stains and remove many foul odors, but it also helps to lift the fibers upwards. This can help to make carpets that have matted or worn down fibers look more full. This can instantly make a carpet look years younger. 

Dying a Carpet 

Sunlight does not enter all parts of your home equally. As such, there may be parts of your carpet that are faded because they have been exposed to more sunlight than other parts of your carpet. When this happens, you may think that replacing your carpeting is the only way to solve the problems. However, one of the steps in professional carpet restoration involves dying carpet. Carpets can be dyed to help hide stains or to help balance out faded carpeting. 

Stretching a Carpet

Does your carpet have wrinkles in it? If so, the carpet may need to be lifted, cut, and stretched. This helps to remove wrinkles. Stretching a carpet can also be done if you have stains or holes along the edges of your carpet. A professional carpet restoration company can cut out the damage and then stretch the carpet so that it covers your entire space, eliminating the damage from your carpet. 

If your carpets are starting to show their age, you may think that it is time to replace them. But, before you do, you should consider professional carpet restoration. Professional carpet restoration may help to breathe new life into your carpets, helping to extend their lifespan. Reach out to a professional carpet restoration company today to find out if they can help bring your carpets back to life and what services they may need to perform to do so. 

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