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The Pros And Cons Of Evening Janitorial Cleaning Services

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Hiring janitorial cleaning services is the preferred cleaning method for many office and industrial buildings around the country. And for a large number of these businesses, the cleaning services happen in the evening rather than during the day. But if you're a business or building owner, you might wonder if this is really the best time to do the job. Here are a few of the pros and cons of using janitorial cleaning services in the nighttime rather than in the daytime.


Fewer Disruptions

The number one reason that businesses choose to have janitorial services clean during the day is to avoid disturbing employees during work hours. Many cleaning appliances like vacuums are unavoidably noisy and these sounds can disrupt work. Additionally, it's difficult for professional cleaners to accomplish their work effectively while also cleaning around employees on the job.

More Efficient

When employees don't have to vacate desks, break rooms, or walk to a bathroom in another part of the building while the one close to them is being cleaned, they can work more efficiently than if they have to work around cleaning services. Additionally, janitorial work can be more efficient because they don't have to work around the schedule and habits of employees.

Safety and Smells

Cleaning requires the use of harsh chemicals that are often pungent and possibly hazardous. When cleaning happens at night, employees aren't exposed to these issues and janitorial workers can use the proper protective gear without risking anyone who doesn't have it.


Daytime Cleaning Emergencies

One major drawback of using janitorial services during the evening is that no one is available to clean spills and messes when they happen during work hours. If a toilet floods or if someone spills a soda in the break room, an employee will need to take care of the problem.

Less Clean

Some argue that cleaning at night using only the illumination from artificial light like fluorescent bulbs can make it harder for professional cleaners to see what is obvious during the day. Natural light during the day is much better at exposing dirty areas that need attention.

Less Energy Efficient

If saving money on lighting and HVAC is important to your business, using evening cleaning services can add additional costs because janitorial professionals will need both artificial lighting and HVAC in order to do their jobs effectively. You might be able to save money on energy by choosing daytime cleaning services instead.

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