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Simply Clean Carpets: Three Ways You Can Keep Your Floors Looking Great

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There's nothing quite like the feel of a lush, clean carpet beneath your feet. While this cozy flooring option instantly transforms a home into a warm retreat, homeowners might find them a bit tricky to care for. Luckily, there are several easy ways you can care for your carpets. Read on for three ways you can keep those carpeted floors looking in top shape!

​Vacuum Regularly

The best way you can keep your carpet looking its best is to vacuum it on a regular basis. Once a week, do a thorough vacuum for your carpets throughout your home. Using your hose attachments for tough-to-reach areas as well as pesky corners will guarantee your floor is left clean and spotless. For more high-traffic areas such as those near your front door or mud room, be sure to do a quick vacuum at least every other day. This will help inhibit dirt from traveling throughout the rest of the home. For those with pets, regularly vacuuming will also help lessen the amount of pet dander and hair that will naturally find its way to your floors. 

Spot Treat First

If you do indeed have a soiled area of your carpet, try a preliminary spot cleaning before you try anything more heavy-duty. Sprays that help lift up stains such as those that utilize the power of baking soda or peroxide are extremely helpful and effective at minimizing a sightly stain. Try leaving this solution in for about fifteen minutes, and blot the carpet with a damp cloth to see how well the stain is coming out. For accidents as a result of pets or children, you may also use a stain lifter that contains odor blockers as well. With any spot treatments you attempt on your carpet, be sure to do a test patch beforehand on a small carpeted area that is out of the way to ensure that the chemicals used will not discolor your floors. 

Calling in the Pros

While preventive care is always a smart choice when it comes to keeping your floors looking their best, sometimes it helps to call in the pros. Professional carpet cleaning crews can provide a deep clean like no other. Using professional-grade steam cleaners and vacuums, this is carpet cleaning like no other and is well worth the investment. If your carpets stay relatively clean or are new, you may only need this service on an annual basis. For others who have lots of foot traffic, pets, or children, this may be needed more often. Calling in the pros is also a fantastic idea if you've just moved into a new home and want to ensure the carpets are fresh and clean. 

Reach out to a carpet floor cleaning service to find out more.