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How An Upholstery Cleaning Company Can Revitalize Your Sofa And Chairs

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If your furniture looks dirty and is holding odors from kids and pets, it's time to call an upholstery cleaning company to clean and deodorize it. Just like cleaning your carpets can make your carpets look bright and refreshed, upholstery cleaning can make your upholstered furniture look clean and free from dirt and stains. The removal of deep dirt even helps your furniture look bright and more like new.

Here are good times to have upholstery cleaning done, what types of furniture can be cleaned, and how upholstery cleaning is done.

When To Have Upholstery Cleaning Done

You may want your family room couch cleaned regularly if you have kids and pets so you can control odors in your home. You may want the furniture your pets sleep on cleaned if your pet has been treated for fleas so you can have fleas killed and removed.

You might also want the upholstery cleaning company to come out when your furniture has been stained and you can't get rid of the stain or odor. This might include when kids spill drinks on the sofa, when a pet urinates on it, or when muddy shoes or paws make dirt stains.

What Furniture Can Be Cleaned

An upholstery cleaning company can clean all kinds of upholstered furniture. You might want a sofa, recliner, or dining room chairs cleaned. Anything that has an upholstered surface can be cleaned.

However, furniture has its recommended cleaning method the cleaning company needs to follow. Many types of fabrics and furniture can be cleaned with water, but some require the use of solvents. Also, there may be certain types of stains the cleaning company can't guarantee will come out.

How Upholstered Furniture Is Cleaned

The cleaning process starts with an inspection so the technician can apply stain removers when needed so the products can start working. The furniture is also vacuumed first to get rid of dirt, grit, and loose debris. The upholstery cleaning company usually uses steam or water extraction for cleaning furniture. This keeps the furniture from soaking up too much water.

The technician passes the cleaning wand over your furniture and hot water deep cleans the fabric as the extraction machine quickly pulls the water back out. If your furniture is dirty, you'll probably see an immediate difference in the color and cleanliness with each pass of the wand. It may take several hours for your furniture to dry completely.

Dry cleaning your furniture with solvents is a different process. The chemicals used won't harm fabrics or colors, but they give off strong fumes. The area has to be ventilated well and the technician has to wear a respirator when working with the chemicals.

Contact an upholstery cleaning company for more information.