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Kitchen Hood Cleaning — Great Advice For Restaurant Owners

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If you own a restaurant that uses a kitchen hood, cleaning it is essential because it prevents fires and improves your restaurant's air quality. You can clean like a pro if you take these actions. 

Use a Power Washer

Once you've moved restaurant equipment out of the way and disconnected everything, you're ready to clean the hood system. A pressure washer is one of the best tools you can use for the job. It comes with several advantages.

For one, it's very powerful and you need as much power as possible to remove tough residues like grease and food particles. Additionally, a power washer lets you clean the kitchen hood and everything connected to it in a hands-free manner. Whereas if you used rags and cleaning solutions, you would spend more time cleaning and expend more energy. 

Inspect the Exhaust Fans 

Your restaurant's kitchen hood system has a lot of integral parts. The exhaust fans on your restaurant's roof are some of the most important. When you clean the hood system, inspect these fans to ensure they're in good condition.

Look out for problems like corrosion, structural damage, and signs of overheating. If anything is amiss with the fans, hire a repair contractor to fix the fans so that you don't have to go through with a replacement and spend more money. 

Follow Cleaning Code Requirements 

Since your kitchen hood collects grease over time, it can become a fire hazard if not cleaned properly. That's why your restaurant has cleaning codes to ensure cleaning is done up to specific standards, making fire hazards less likely.

Find out what these regulations are so you can clean the kitchen hood by the book each time it gets dirty. These requirements might involve using certain cleaning products, inspecting the hood system after cleaning, and keeping up with a particular cleaning frequency. 

Come up With a Custom Cleaning Schedule 

Regardless of what tools and products you use to clean your restaurant's hood system, you must devise a cleaning schedule. Some restaurant owners clean their hoods daily, while others focus on weekly cleaning.

When considering your custom schedule, pay attention to how often you cook and how quickly grease builds up around the hood system. These details can help you choose an optimized cleaning frequency that safeguards you from problems.

If you own a restaurant, you have a huge responsibility to ensure your kitchen hood gets cleaned. You won't have to second-guess your cleaning methods if you use the right products, follow cleaning regulations, and keep up with cleaning.  

For more information about kitchen hood cleaning, contact a local company.