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A Sticky Situation: How To Clean Jelly Stains From Carpet

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If you spill jelly on your carpet, you don't have to forgo peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or worry about residential house cleaning services right away. Jelly stains are challenging, but not impossible to clean. It is important to clean the stains as soon as possible, so it won't set in the carpet. Here are tips to clean jelly stains from carpet.

Prepare to Clean

For this project, you need:

  • white cotton cloths
  • sponge
  • paper towels
  • butter knife
  • spoon
  • spray bottle
  • small bucket or container 
  • vinegar
  • heavy book
  • liquid dish soap or carpet shampoo
  • ammonia

Scrape as much of the stain as possible with the dull edge of the  butter knife. Don't rub, or you will push the stain further in the carpet.

Determine the stain cleaning method based on the type of carpet. Commercial stain removers may not react well on natural fiber carpets, such as wool. Antique carpets need special cleaning that is best left to a professional.

Test the cleaner in a hidden area before you use it on the whole carpet, so damage won't be noticeable. Let the cleaner sit several minutes. If the cleaner discolors the carpet, blot it with cold water and a cloth.

Apply Liquid Soap

Fill a spray bottle with warm water (not hot), and mist the stain. You may also moisten a sponge in warm water.

Mix a quarter cup of non-bleaching liquid dish detergent or carpet shampoo in two cups of warm water. Stir the mixture until well blended. Moisten a clean, white cloth with the solution, and spread the cloth over the stain. 

Gently press the cloth using the spoon bottom; beginning from the outside, and work inward. This method works the solution in without rubbing. Dab a paper towel in the mixture, and blot the stain until it is gone; reapplying the solution as needed. Let the carpet dry.

Clean with Vinegar

Mix lukewarm water with several drops of vinegar in a spray bottle. Use white vinegar on light colored carpets, as apple cider vinegar leaves yellowish stains.

Spray some mixture on the stain, and blot it with a clean cloth or paper towel until the stain is gone. Lay a clean cloth over the stain, and leave a heavy book on it until the carpet dries.

Use Ammonia

If the stain still hasn't been removed, try ammonia. Open a window to ventilate, and wear plastic gloves. Mix a teaspoon of ammonia in warm water, and blot the solution on the stain with a cloth or sponge.. 

Work the solution in the stain using the spoon method. Moisten the stain in warm water to rinse, and blot extra liquid. To neutralize the smell, combine some warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle, moisten the stain, then blot dry.