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2 Tips For Keeping Your Small Office's Break Room Clean By Dividing The Workload

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If you own and operate a small office, you may wonder what you can do to keep your employees' break room clean. If so, use the following two tips for enlisting your workers' help to share the workload and keep the area free from old food and trash.

Make One Person Responsible For Cleaning Each Week

With everyone using the counters and tables to prepare food and eat their meals, these surfaces can become quite grimy over time. Each day food residue remains on these surfaces, the more bacteria are allowed to grow and create a health hazard in the break room.

To keep these surfaces clean, have a different person assigned each week to wipe them down at the end of the shift. Provide them with a spray bottle filled with one part bleach mixed with three parts water to kill any germs.

If your break area has a microwave, also have them clean it thoroughly once a week by microwaving a bowl of vinegar for three to five minutes. This will make any stuck-on food easier to wipe clean. Also, post a sign to remind the other employees to wipe out any spillage after they use it.

Schedule Am Initial And Weekly Refrigerator Purge

When you open the break room refrigerator, do you see containers filled with furry, muti-colored mush that used to be food? If so, it's time to schedule an initial purge of the refrigerator.

Send out and post a memo that everything in the refrigerator will be thrown out on a specific day and time. Schedule the purge a couple of days in advance to make sure everyone gets the notice so they can remove any food or containers they wish to keep.

On the day of the purge, toss everything until the refrigerator and freezer sections are empty. Then, unplug the appliance, and wipe down the interior with the bleach solution given in the previous section. Leave the doors open overnight to let the interior air out.

To keep up with your newly cleaned refrigerator, schedule a smaller weekly purge where any food left will be thrown away. For example, tell your employees that anything left by the end of the day Friday will be tossed out. Doing this gives you a fresh start for Monday morning.

Using the above tips can help keep your office's break room clean by having your employees share the responsibility. However, if you have too many employees for this plan to be feasible or feel you need more help, contact an office cleaning company like Summit Building Systems to discuss them coming in several times a week to keep your break room and work areas spotless.